Carolyn Schulte, LMFT

Carolyn Schulte


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Specialties and areas of focus

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Sex therapy
  • Women’s issues
  • Pregnancy and postpartum
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety

Q&A with Carolyn

1.) Some therapists are more comfortable addressing the immediate problem, while others want to focus on the deeper issue. Which are you?

I am most excited about exploring the deeper issues bringing someone to therapy. I believe our past experiences, relationships, family structures, and cultural environment directly shape and impact the problems we face, even when we feel alone in our struggles. My biggest goal is to support you in finding your voice, goals, and power to care for yourself and make choices that honor who you are, in order to resolve the immediate problems causing you to feel stuck.

2.) Do you tend to lead the session, or follow my lead?

I enjoy following your lead. You are the expert of your life, and you know best what you need and feel ready to talk about. That said, I also enjoy being directive when needed, and I am comfortable gently pushing and challenging you to explore how deeper and/or underlying patterns might relate to your current concerns and goals.

3.) What are your strengths as a therapist?

I show up as myself, an empathetic and expressive ‘people person’ with a dose of sass. I appreciate real talk and humor. In addition, I practice with a trauma-informed and social justice lens and strive to provide an affirming and safe space to clients of all identities. I use the word “strive” recognizing that I walk through the world as a cisgender and white-bodied person, and cannot always anticipate what feels safe or unsafe for people who experience the world differently than I do. Knowing this, I am dedicated to the long-term work of continuing education, self-reflection, inviting and taking feedback, and learning from my mistakes in order to constantly improve my trauma-informed and antiracist practices.

4.) If you had one superpower, what would it be and why?

The power to end global pandemics. I miss worry-free hugs.

5.) What makes you laugh?

A good dry comeback, satire, my child’s giggles, this bear, pranks.

6.) Who would you have dinner with, dead or alive?

My grandmother who died when I was 11, before I could fully appreciate her brilliance and sass.