Refresh Therapy strives to provide an environment where you will experience possibilities, genuine interaction and comfort. It's the place where couples learn how to strengthen their connection; families come together to understand each other’s perspectives; kids will learn positive communication; teens will celebrate their emerging identities; and individuals can find healthy ways to manage the confusion of life.
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We have all dealt with emotions that have felt out of control and hopeless to resolve. Choosing to ask for help is not an easy task, even when we are in dark moments. Taking those steps forward, to find a therapist/counselor and enter into counseling/therapy, is hopefully your first step to feeling relief and being understood.
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August 25, 2015


We don’t want Refresh Therapy to just be another sterile therapy office that one visits – but a representation of who we are as individuals. Our team of counselors and therapists desire to share in this journey with each person that walks through our door. We want you to feel cozy, and safe to share who you are and to empower you to tell your story.
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