Refresh Therapy Est. 2010

Refresh Therapy provides an environment that is collaborative, vibrant and open. It was established five years ago from conversations we were having about our dreams to help people who wanted change. We both started our careers in community mental health working with youth and their families who were struggling with a variety of issues and needs. We met them where they were at, their homes, schools, community centers, and even detention centers…They needed to know they were important wherever they were. This idea of “meeting people where they are at” and “creating an open environment” became the foundation to Refresh Therapy. We strive to create a space that is current to the times, not held down by policy but allowed to be authentic to the our strengths.

We want Refresh Therapy to not just be a place that you go but a representation of who we are as people. We desire to share in this journey with each of you that walk through our doors. In the five years Refresh Therapy has been in establishment, our journey has clearly shown the reality of this ever-moving life that is hard to navigate, yet rewarding when the corners all fit…Two children have been born, children have grown from toddlers to school-aged, moved into five different office buildings, new furniture added, narrowed down our specialties and have grown to add two new therapists to our team, Vanessa Grace and Priscilla Gilbert. Each of these transitions have not been without anxiety, stress, pain, insecurity and risks but we are very thankful that we continue to expand, grow and challenge ourselves so we can best serve you.

Taking the steps to seek out help can be scary and intimidating; our hope is through this space and our spirits, we will help you feel invited and as relaxed as possible in the midst of your pain and struggles. We believe that the environment we create as therapists, allow you to feel vulnerable and transparent with us. We hope your experience here at Refresh Therapy fulfills our dreams of connecting with you in the way that makes sense for your process of change!


Bryanna Goodman, LMFT