Catherine Stuart, LMHC, NCC

Catherine Stuart

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There are many reasons to seek counseling.  It may be a struggle from the past or a single incident that is causing pain and concern.  Whatever the reason may be, I am dedicated to joining with you to understand how these struggles are impacting your life and supporting you towards your own personal goals.

I believe that all people deserve a safe and non-judgmental place to work through obstacles that are in their lives.  It is my passion to help people explore their inner strength and together work towards personal growth and meaningful connection with others.  I realize that conflict in relationships, transitions in life, the pain in loss, and experiencing depression and anxiety are only a few of the struggles that counseling can support in a way that feels right to each individual.

Our therapeutic relationship is the foundation to creating that change.  My warm, genuine, and welcoming approach is the basis for our work together. I strive to foster safety, trust and a collaborative space that adapts to age, issue, and the uniqueness of who you are.

My counseling education and experience has been a long journey that started in Victoria, BC, Canada then to the east coast in Boston, MA and has now found a home in Camas, WA.  I hold a Master of Science degree in Counseling with a specialization in Couple, Marriage, and Family Counseling from Portland State University.  This program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs (CACREP).  My previous years in early childhood education, grief work with children and families, trauma research with adolescence, and specialized training in couples counseling  has also contributed to my approach.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a National Certified Counselor.  I am also a mother, a wife, a friend and an adventurer!  Aside from counseling, my other passions include: camping, running, kayaking, reading a good book, puzzles, and balancing my own personal time with my family and friends.

Specialties and areas of focus

Q&A with Catherine

1.) Some therapists are more comfortable addressing the immediate problem, while others want to focus on the deeper issue. Which are you?

I incorporate a mix of both in my therapeutic approach.  I enjoy working with clients to clarify and assess immediate concerns and then decide if these issues are related to past experiences or would benefit from present focused work.  I am flexible and will meet you where you are at!

2.) Do you tend to lead the session, or follow my lead?

This depends on the client and the presenting concern.   I encourage this to be an open discussion as we begin our therapy together to discover what feels most comfortable and beneficial to each client.  However, I tend to lead more with couples and families to keep the focus on the relationship or family dynamics.

3.) What are your strengths as a therapist?

I am a genuine, warm and welcoming therapist who strives to support each client in their own unique goals.  I am flexible and creative in my therapeutic approaches adapting to each client by using their interests to facilitate our work together.  Humor is also a strong component to my therapy as I believe that laughter is an essential way to cope!

4.) If you had one superpower, what would it be and why?

I love to learn and experience other cultures but don’t love the cost or time that it takes to get where I want to go.  So, my superpower would be to snap my fingers three times and magically be in whatever different city or country I name.

5.) What makes you laugh?

British humor, sarcasm, daily ‘bloopers’, and dancing while pretending that no one can see me!

6.) Who would you have dinner with, dead or alive?

I have moved around a lot in my adult life and have made a lot of friends from all over the world.  I cherish these relationships but it has been difficult to say good-bye each time and know that I may never see them again.  I would love to get all these friends together that span many chapters in my life to have a long delicious dinner and reconnect again.