Online Counseling (Telehealth)

Welcome! We offer a secure, web based, video chat service where you can hold online therapy sessions with a counselor. "Telemedicine" is often still used when referring to traditional clinical diagnosis and monitoring that is delivered by technology. However, the term "Telehealth" is now more commonly utilized as it describes the wide range of diagnosis and management, education, and other related fields of health care. Telehealth is not a specific service, but rather a collection of means to enhance care and education delivery.

Refresh Therapy is excited to offer online mental health counseling services, available for anyone residing in Oregon or Washington.  If you live internationally, services may also be available.

Online counseling services can be ideal for many of the following scenarios, but is certainly not meant to be an exhaustive list:

  • If you travel frequently
  • If physical or mental health issues keep you from easily leaving your home and/or transportation is a barrier
  • If you feel receiving services online provides greater anonymity
  • If you want the convenience of avoiding travel time and traffic to get to a physical office

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Working with a therapist online requires you to have access to technology and internet access to use in a safe and confidential setting.

Client Access: You can sign up here. Log into your existing account here.

There are limitations to online therapy; it isn’t for everyone.  Please feel free to ask us any questions to see if this is a good fit for you.

If you are experiencing a serious mental health issue you may be better served by a local therapist who can meet you in person.


Many insurance companies cover “telehealth” sessions, but this depends on a variety of factors.  We will run a benefits check, as a courtesy, and encourage you to call your insurance company directly to learn about your plan’s benefits.